Contaminated Land

Australian Enviro Services (AES) have encountered contaminated land in urban, regional, rural and isolated sites.  Common land uses which have been associated with contaminated land include former factories and tanneries, fuel dumps and chemical stores, service stations, farm livestock dips, timber treatment plants, oil and chemical refineries, landfills and the sediments of rivers etc where waste has in the past been piped for disposal.

Contamination Issues associated with these land uses need to be correctly addressed within a framework of Local, State and Commonwealth legislative requirements.  AES believes it is important to attain a clear understanding of our clients’ needs and expectations prior to tailoring technical solutions that deliver positive outcomes whilst complying with all legislative requirements.

To meet the needs of our clients AES offer a comprehensive range of services and expertise. These include:

  • Contaminated site remediation
  • Chemical immobilisation of soils
  • Asbestos management
  • Service station and underground fuel tank decommissioning
  • Sludge and sediment stabilisation
  • Enhanced bioremediation
  • Acid sulphate soil management
  • Containment cell construction (lining, drainage and capping)
  • Groundwater cut-off walls
  • Civil construction, sundry demolition and landscaping works as part of remediation projects